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The winner of the £1000 Evans bicycle is Philip Smith. Enduroman himself, Eddie Ette drew the winning ticket at the final Enduro squad meeting. Phil joined CSFB only 6 weeks ago so it's a great welcoming gift for him!

Congratulations to CSFB’s Enduro Challenge team, who won the inaugural Enduro Challenge London to Paris triathlon, beating a strong and competitive Morgan Stanley team. This event is expected to raise over £60,000 for our Charity of the Year, Teenage Cancer Trust.
The teams from CSFB and Morgan Stanley fought an incredibly close triathlon, with winning margins of less than five minutes for both the 80-mile London to Dover run and 180-mile Calais to Paris cycle legs. CSFB's Channel swimming experience proved decisive, beating Morgan Stanley by over 90 minutes to reach the French coast in 12 hours.

On Tuesday 1st August 2001, a man called Eddie Ette arrived at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris – tired, tortured, triumphant. He’d just run 87 miles, swum 29 miles and cycled 180 miles. He’d just earned himself an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

What is the Enduro Challenge?

Based on the original Enduroman concept, the Enduro Challenge is a race from London to Paris. The race involves running from London to Dover, swimming across the English Channel and finally cycling from Calais to Paris.

In August this year, 6 fit, committed and daring people from CSFB will repeat that ultimate triathlon – racing against Morgan Stanley to be the first team to reach Paris.

Our 6-person team will be raising money for the Firm’s Charity of the Year 2005, Teenage Cancer Trust. They’ll run from London to Dover, swim from Dover to Calais, and bike from Calais to Paris. It won’t be easy. They’ll be tackling the challenge as a relay, swapping the baton every hour.

The CSFB Enduro Challenge is based on the Enduroman concept. Credit Suisse First Boston would like to acknowledge the help and assistance given to the firm by Eddie Ette in the staging of this event.

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